CBG – Cannabigerol

Biochemistry: What is Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG Cannabigerol is a phytocannabinoid., ( naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from plants). Found in higher concentrations in that of hemp strains, CBG has a much lower profile in drug cannabis varieties. Much like all the cannabinoids, Cannabigerol is a hydrophobic lipid. It is comprised of a 21-carbon chain which is then attached to an aromatic hydrocarbon ring. The chemical formula of CBG is C₂₁H₃₂O₂. CBC and CBD (Cannabidiol) are both isomers of THC. What this means is that they share the same molecular formula, though they have different structures.

Cannabigerol is very similar to other cannabinoids including cannabigerol acid (C₂₂H₃₁O₄), also known as CBGA. CBGA is confirmed an important precursor for THC. CBG itself degrades to CBD and CBC, and it is also possible for CBG to degrade directly to THC, through the actions of the acid synthase enzyme unique to each cannabinoid (i.e. THC- CBD- and CBC-acid synthase). This process is relatively new to the scientific community, as it was previously believed that THC was an end-product of CBD degradation.

Medical Benefits of CBG / Effects of Cannabigeriol

  • Cannabigerol is believed to be non-psychoactive. As a mild CB1 receptor antagonist, it prevents agonists such as THC from exerting an effect.
  • Cannabigerol has been shown to exert an effect on the 5-HT1a receptor which aids in regulating serotonin release.
  • Cannabigerol has been shown to assist in the regulation of the adrenoceptor which monitors and controls the expression of adrenaline and noradrenaline through the CNS.
  • Cannabigerol has been demonstrated both in pain relief and inflammation.
  • CBG reduces intraocular pressure, associated with glaucoma.
  • CBG has been shown to have antibiotic properties and to inhibit platelet aggregation, which slows the rate of blood clotting.

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